Wednesday, September 24, 2008

16 Week Visit

Lance and I went to our 16 week Doctor's apt yesterday and got to see the baby! We first heard the heartbeat and it sounded a lot better than the first time, so I was relieved. Then I mentioned to Dr. McWhorter that I wanted to make sure there was only 1 baby in the belly. So he went and got his handheld ultrasound machine and we looked at the baby. It was so weird to see it moving, but not feeling a thing. He said I should start feeling the baby move in the next week or two. At first he said the baby was real active, then when we tried to get a sneak peak of the sex, he couldn't get the baby to move, and said it was pretty laid back. So I can't tell if it's going to be a laid back baby like Lance or always on the go like me! It was a great visit and Lance was really surprised by the way the baby had grown. The internet says the baby is the size of an avocado.
We scheduled the sonogram for October 21st and it will also be our 20 week check up. Hopefully the baby will let us see what it is!!
I will definitely keep everyone updated!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're Growing

Well since the last post, Lance finally came home yesterday from a 3 week stay fighting the hurricanes. I am so happy he is finally home and I know he was excited about sleeping in his own bed and not a cot. I was thinking he was going to come home and notice my belly, but he says he can't tell. I think he's just being nice because my clothes tell me differently!

Not much has been going on around our house. I'm still busy with student payroll this week, but next week should be a lot better, or atleast that's what I'm hoping for. This weekend Jana and I, plus the little one, are going to Natchez for a baby shower so we are very excited about showing Noah off to our friends. I know it's crazy but I like to show him off too. I think I have more pictures of him in my office than Jana does, so yes I take the title of the crazy aunt! But I bet Gigi has a lot more than I do.

I received some good news yesterday, we definitely have a babysitter for baby Hancock! Mrs. Dorothy Deason will be keeping him which is so wonderful because Noah goes to her. They are going to have so much fun playing together!

Well I am going to leave you with some belly pics. The first one is from week 9 and the second was taken at the very end of week 14. We go to the Doc on Tuesday so maybe I will have an update on that! Have a good weekend.