Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better late than never

Right? I have been behind in the blogging world. Jana kept threatening to add pictures if I didn't do it soon, so here I finally am with lots of pictures! For those that may not have heard, Alli is going to be a big sister, already! We were shocked with the news about 3 weeks ago. Our first doctor's appt was this past Monday, and it went well. We're about 6-7 weeks and the due date is scheduled about 4/10/2010!!!
Since my last post, Alli has meet Ginger Johnson and they have grown quite fond of one another. Ginger always wants to hold her and poor thing is just too small. Ginger is 4 years old and weighs about 28 pounds, while Alli is 5 1/2 mths and weighs 14lbs and 8 ounces!! Last time she held Alli, she said "Alli ate too much"!!!
Little miss Alli Cat is a hungry hippo. I had to start feeding her rice cereal around 4 1/2 months. She wasn't sleeping through the night and every time I would eat I noticed her licking her lips so we tried her on some rice and that was all she wrote. Now she gets a jar of baby food at Mrs. Dorothy's and I feed her 2 tablespoons of rice before her last bottle. Caught in the ACT!!! Obviously Noah likes Alli's paci! A while back we went to lake D'Arbonne to stay with the family for the Watermelon festival. on Friday afternoon Jana and I went fishing with Dad, which is something we have always loved to do. In the pictures below you will see the big fish Jana caught and the "big" fish I caught. And yes, I did catch mine on a hookThen later that Saturday we decided we would try out tubing since getting the new boat! It was so much fun.I would say Chris had the most fun!This is Alli in her outfit from Kyla. She loved it if you can't tell.Jana picks Alli up occasionally when I work out and Lance is working. This particular day I came home to a naked baby with a huge bow on her head being pushed around in her walker by her cousin Noah! Then I found these pictures on my camera.Thanks Husband.Lance's birthday was the 14th so we had cake and celebrated by going out to eat that night.Look at Alli's bracelet!!