Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Fun

Friday, after I got off work, Lance and I headed to his parents house in Shreveport for the weekend. That night Meg and Scotty came over to relax around the pool with us, which is always a treat. After eating a big breakfast on Saturday, and went shopping on the boardwalk, Lance, Meg, and I ended up laying by the pool again. It did not take long for Lance to get burnt, which I am still having to doctor his sunburn by rubbing aloe vera on him 4 times a day!! Kristin, Kurt, and Hannah came over for a little fun in the sun before we got dressed for the Birthday dinner for Meg and I. We had dinner at Superior Steakhouse which did end up taking 3 hours out of our night. We had our own room reserved so we were in our own little secluded area, which was amazing. The dinner, was so good, I don't think I will ever get that wonderful taste out of my mouth! I was so hungry when I got there I think I ate a whole loaf of bread on top of all the other great items I indulged in. By the time we left, everyone was so stuffed and ready for bed. I couldn't stand up straight from how full I was! So we ended the night and got a good nights rest.
The whole time we were in Shreveport, Willis had to stay outside with his girlfriend Toots (Meg and Scotty's dog). Willis is an inside dog, so he did not adjust to well to the scorching Louisiana heat too well. I kept telling Lance that he was sick because he could barely walk. So Lance finally let him stay in his kennel in the laundry room the Saturday night. Needless to say, Willis was so happy to get home to jump on his couch! He was so worn out from Toots and the heat, that he slept all day and night!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Hancocks

I have been reading Jana's blog for quite some time now and I figured I should start my own. Jana began her blogging career around the time she found out she was expecting, which was a great way to keep everyone updated. So when I told her I wanted to start my own blog, she asked me if I was pregnant! So to clear up any confusion, I'm not pregnant!
Anyways, my main purpose of the blog is to keep everyone updated with what's going on with The Hancocks, including the wonderful adventures of our dog, Willis! He is my heart and even though Lance would never admit to it, he loves him dearly as well!